Classes Taken

Below is a list of classes taken at diffferent schools

You can Download the 3 Page Class Transcript from UNM and Sterling Ledet. View additional Class taken Through Ode 2Art Academy

Class Transcript from University of New Mexico

Ode to Art Academy Classes:

Architectural RenderingAugust 2021 thru January 2022Norm Gorn
Digital Art & IllustrationAugust 2021 thru March 2022Rick Novak
Rendering Biblical Images with BlenderFebruary 2022 thru November 2022Norm Gorn
WordPress Beginning using Divi ThemeMarch 2022 thru April 2022James Wallace
WordPress Advanced using Divi ThemeApril 2022 thru June 2022James Wallace
Environments & Animation in Unreal EngineFebruary 2024 to PresentDaniel Brown CGI

Sterling Ledet Courses:

Adobe Illustrator BeginningApril 2016Sterling LedetLinda Moore
Adobe Illustrator IntermediateApril 2016Sterling LedetLinda Moore
Adobe Illustrator AdvancedApril 2016Sterling LedetLinda Moore
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